glucid Python Documentation

glucid is a software package that provides a glucid8824 module which provides a Command Line Interface and api as well as a Glucid8824 class that represents an instance of a Lucid ADA8824

Confirm the glucid8824 module can be imported

Within a Python3 interpreter, you may import he glucid8824 module:

>>> from glucid import glucid8824

Simple Example Setting Clock Sync Using Python

First, import glucid

>>> import glucid.glucid8824 as glucid

Create a new Glucid8824 object, by default this uses /dev/ttyUSB0

>>> mylucid = glucid.Glucid8824()

We connect to our ADA8824

>>> mylucid.connect()

Check the current clock sync source

>>> mylucid.get_sync_source()

Set the clock sync to WordClock

>>> mylucid.set_sync_source(1)
>>> mylucid.get_sync_source()

glucid8824 Module Documentation

Glucid8824 Class Documentation