glucid requires python >= 3, PySerial and:

  • a serial port connected to a Lucid ADA8824 rs232 interface
Usb - Serial 9-Pin Converter

By default, glucid assumes you are using a USB to 9-pin serial adapter on linux and defaults to /dev/ttyUSB0 , to overide this default, use the -d option. Windows users may try COM1 while OSX users may try /dev/tty.usbserial

Pre-Compiled Binaries

Check github for pre-built binaries for OSX and Windows at

Installing glucid via pip

glucid can installed via pip

pip install glucid

Installing the latest version of glucid via git

You can clone the latest version of glucid via:

git clone

And then install from the cloned source via:

cd glucid/
pip install -e .

Verifying correct installation

Within a terminal, you can first verify basic installation with:

glucid --help

You can launch the GUI interface with:


In your Python distribution you may try to import the glucid8824 module:

from glucid import glucid8824 as glucid